• The first step in developing a differential diagnosis for patients with inflammatory eye disease is to classify the uveitis in as detailed a fashion as possible.
  • This can be achieved by systematically asking the eight questions:
    1. Is the disease acute or chronic?
    2. Is the inflammation granulomatous or nongranulomatous?
    3. Is the disease unilateral or bilateral?
    4. Where is the inflammation located in the eye?
    5. What are the demographics of the patient?
    6. What associated symptoms does the patient have?
    7. What associated signs are present on physical examination?
    8. What is the time course of the disease and response to previous therapy?
Uveitis CLassifier Algorithm Questions

Anterior Segment Related Examination

Kindly, select from the above options to generate related DDx
When needed, order the following baseline lab tests:
  • ESR, CRP
  • Q-Gold, FTA, CXR
Refrences: Important Note:
  • This service aids the doctors generating DDx and not replacing their art of collecting evidence to weigh in or out certain diagnoses.
  • This is beta version: there are continuous modifications on the DDx alograthim. Feedback with examples are much appreciated.